Short lectures on Stock Valuation #1 to # 4

Stock valuation lectures on you-tube (English version)

Being an equity fund managers for the past 21 years, I would like to give you younger generations on financial theories  such as practical DDMs  in a daily manner.  Here’s a bunch of short lectures on growth rates #1 to #4 with homework sessions. How should you cal. growth? How many kinds of growth rates do you need to expect? How should you treat them well? 

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#1 is a bit too long over 14 min. However, the rest of the 8 lectures are very short within 10 min.

Stock Valuations #1  growth rates: simple and compound

Stock Valuations #1 HW

Stock Valuations #2  growth rate

Stock Valuations #2 HW growth rates

Stock Valuations #3 wrong performance report 

Stock Valuations #3 HW finding a new growth rate – conti.

Stock Valuations #4 many choices of growth rates

Stock Valuations #4 HW

We are going to add the rest of lectures step by step. Next I will explain about capital risks (there are many kinds of risks!)

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(Jun Yamamoto DFR investment adviser and lecturer on long term investment seminars held at Links Research since 2017)